Balkan India Business Association /BIBA/ was founded in 2016.  The Association has the profound mission to expand and develop economic cooperation between Balkan countries and Republic of India. The Association will try to achieve its goals by:

* Helping business entities to establish contacts in trade,  investment activities, entering third markets, realization of scientific and technical projects, creation of joint ventures, joint participation in infrastructure projects, tourism, transportation  and other mutually beneficial economic activities.

* Collaboration with state authorities to establish contractual legal frame, encouraging development of economic relations between the countries of Balkan region and India.

* Proposing to state authorities options for solving economic problems, related to the members of the Association.

* Lobbying government institutions to facilitate economic tights among business representatives, including the implementation of business visits.

* To assist the settlement of possible business and trade disputes between contracting parties from Balkan countries and India.

* Assistance in organization of trade fairs and presentations of companies and products.

* Other means used by civil society organizations.



Balkan - Indian business association
1000 Sofia
14 Graf Ignatiev Str.
tel.: +359 889 636 555
fax: +359 38 58 03 03
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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