BALKAN BAZAAR India 2018, Chandigarh, 26-29 October


The Balkan, comprising of 14 countries, covering the area of Eastern and South-eastern European Countries is surrounded by the Balkan Mountains, and is a land of undulating hills and plains with luxuriant green cover .  The Balkans are bordered by the Adriatic Sea ,Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea and the Black Sea.
The Balkans are a land of rich and diverse culture and traditions. The natural, historical, cultural, ethnical, religious, linguistic, social and political diversity of the Balkans makes the region an authentic and significant tourist resource.
The Balkans are known for their competencies in Agriculture, Food Processing, Health , Rose Cultivation, Vegetable Cultivation, and Tourism amongst others. The Balkan belt is also largely popular for the worlds best wineries and wine yards.



To promote cultural exchange between the countries.

To highlight the diversity and core competencies of the Balkans.
To provide a platform to stakeholders to create a synergy for investment between the countries / regions.
To showcase the rich tradition and heritage of the region to the rest of the world.

To promote trade between the Balkans and India


Focus Areas

Agriculture & Food Processing

Tourism & Hospitality in the Balkan Belt.

Promotion of Balkans Wine yards & Wine as best in the world.

Consumer goods and Craft products

Vegetable and Flower Cultivation from the Balkans

Exchange of Cultural ideas.


 Event Structure

B2B Meets – Facilitating investment and technology transfer between the nations.
Exhibition – Highlighting the Core Competencies of the Balkans.
Cultural Events – Highlighting the rich tradition and heritage of the countries.
Food Courts – Accentuating the diverse culinary delicacies of the Region to the people of the balkan belt 



Air Conditioned B2B Lounge & Seminar Facility equipped with top of the order Audio Visual Display 

Well Branded Infrastructure providing easy movement to experience the Exhibition , display, Cuisines & Cultural events during three days

Well laid out Hangar Structures to house more than 120 exhibits from Balkaan.

10 nos Pagoras Marquees for Food Court arena

A Centre Stage fitted with required sound & Light to host Cultural Musical / Fashion Events from the Balkan region.

A dedicated wine tasting area


Exhibition, Lounge & Conference Hall Layout 



 The link will bring you to BROCHURE of Chandigarh fair 2018

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