BCCI-BIBA meeting on topic Balkan Bazaar - November 7, 2017

BCCI’s President Tsvetan Simeonov had meeting with governance of BIBA . The item of discussion was the schedule of a big event, planned for March 2018 in Capital of India New Delhi and the town of Chandigarh, Balkan Bazaar.  BIBA’s Chairman Krasimir Angelov and the Chairman of Association for development of business and cultural relations between India and Bulgaria Neeraj Kumar, informed that the conditions for participation in the event are being developed. Balkan Bazaar will get together presentation of food, drinks, including wine and spirits, consumer goods, cheese, white cheese, yogurt, probiotic, , cosmetics, textile etc. made in Balkan region and India's culture. 

Airway tickets on preferential prices will be provided for all participant in the event as well as transportation of goods in containers. Participants will have three options of attendance: own marque, shared marque and through local representative who will sell goods. 

 We expect that goods sold during the festival will cover attendance expenses of the participants. On the other hand contacts with Indian partners will be made and this will be a platform fur future cooperation and joint ventures. Companies from all 14 Balkan countries are invited to take part in the event.



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