Presentation of Balkan Bazaar in BCCI to Ambassadors of Balkan countries 22.11.2017

The President of BCCI Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov gave the opening speach and invited Mr Krasimir Angelov, the Chairman of BIBA to present initiatives of the Association. 

Mr. Angelov emphasised the oportunities in cooperation among Balkan companies for increase in trade and widening of cultural relations with India. He explained that BIBA will have a stall at exposition Agri2017, and will present Balakan companies with high technology achievements in agricultural production processing. For the exposition IndiaSoft 2018 BIBA will provide its member with preferential price for travelling and accomodation. 

Mr. Neeradj Kumar did a detailed presentation of Balkan Bazar 2018 in India. He accented the oportunities for companies from Balkans to make direkt contact with investors and clients from India. The idea of the initiative is subsecuently Indian companies to make their expositions in Balkan countries. Followed a discussion concerning datails. More specifications about BIBA's initiatives you can find in divission Program of the site.



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