BIBA obtained BCCI membership certificate18 April 2017

Diplomats and businessmen took part in presentation of newly established Balkan-Indian Business Association

In Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and industry /BCCI/ officially was presented newly established Balkan-Indian business association /BIBA/. The Chairman of the association Mr. Krasimir Angelov welcomed all present and stated that BIBA is dedicated to development of Balkan-India cooperation and to provide support and protection for its members’ interests.

The official certificate for BIBA’s membership in BCCI was handled over by Mr. Simeonov and he stated that there is a potential and interest in cooperation with Balkan region. If Balkan countries combine their efforts the results will be much better. He gave examples with Balkan wine competition and festival, Association of Balkan chambers of commerce and other initiatives, realized with support of BCCI.


Mr. Subhash Nair, temporary governing the Embassy of India in Bulgaria and Mr. Niraj Kumar, Deputy Chairman of BIBA, diplomats and businessmen took part in presentation of the Association.


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