Meeting in the Headquarter of FICCI on 25th April 2017

Dear All,
The minutes of the meeting, are circulated to all concerned for information and necessary action.
Minutes of the  meeting of BALKAN Indian Business Association, for the Indian Chapter, held on 25 April, 2017 at 1130 hours at the premises of ESC, New Delhi and at 15:00 hours at the premises of FICCI, New Delhi, to discuss the business between BALKAN and India


Mr. KRASIMIR ANGELOV, Chairman, Balkan Indian Business Association, Sofia, Bulgaria   
Mr DK Sareen, Executive Director, ESC, Govt. of India
Mr. Manish Singhal, Additional  Director General, FICCI, India        
Mr Muralidar Neeraj Kumar, Vice President, Balkan Indian Business Association, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mr Jagir Saini, Executive Director, Balkan Indian Business Association, India Chapter, New Delhi, India
Mr Rohit Kumar, Assistant Director General, FICCI
Mr Nitin Pangotra, Project Director, Balkan Indian Business Association

 Welcome Address

Mr Saini, extended warm welcome to Esteemed  Chairman, Mr Krasimir Angelov, of Balkan Indian Business Association, who had paid first visit to India.


Mr Neeraj Kumar, Vice President, Balkan Indian Business Association, and Mr Jagir Saini, Executive Director, India Chapter of Balkan Indian Business Association, introduced, Chairman, Balkan India Business Association with Esteemed Executive Director, ESC and Mr Gurmeet Singh, Joint Director, ESC, Government of India, New Delhi.
Mr Neeraj honestly apprised the distinguished members of the meeting regarding political and economic realities prevailing in Balkan countries that at present there is a care taker Government and very soon a permanent Government is expected following election, resulting in stable policy regime. He also brought up Bulgaria’s geo strategic importance due to its close geographical proximity to neighbouring countries as well as its economic integration to European Union, which provides immense possibilities  and hope  for economic convergence and mutual beneficial joint partnerships between  India and Balkan region, ushering a new era of economic development. It was also stated that in the times of globalisation, new regionalism is emerging a potent reality. According to his sense it was right time that business/industry of both regions should collaborate in fulfilling the extraordinary potential partnership offers.

Mr Jagir Saini

In the beginning stage, it is imperative to identify the sectors of main interests of Bulgarian/Balkan industrial icons, in collaborations and in relevance to, an industrial delegation from India be organised to share their experience, comprising of a group for B2B and B2G start up talks. He also proposed that a delegation of software and hardware companies of Balkan countries must visit IndiaSoft, 2018 at Bangalore, to participate and exhibiting their main products, as such exercise will create conducive environment for joint ventures, transfer of technology as well as fresh investments. He further proposed to publish a directory of Balkan Industry by BIBA after seeking relevant information of leading BALKAN companies, which will help in enrolling Indian Chapter.  This will substantially generate revenue and help personal interaction amongst members and will streamline communication amongst main BALKAN industries.

Mr DK Sareen

He fully supported the idea of promotion of trade and industry between India and Balkan nations and assured  of its fullest cooperation to the Balkan Indian Business Association in this great cause.  He also accepted an invitation from BIBA to bring and preside over delegation from India to Bulgaria for B2B and B2G talks in the month of September tentatively between 21-23 September, 2017

He also extended open invitation to Mr Neeraj and Mr KRASIMIR ANGELOV  for ‘Indi a Soft’ 2018 mega exhibition by providing  free Air tickets, lodging and boarding. To deepen economic ties and for promotion of  good relations with Balkan region, MR Sareen  in his professional capacity took a special approval from ESC  to provide staying facility during their visit to Chairman and Vice Chairman , BIBA.

BIBA-FICCI meeting

MR Neeraj
He introduced BIBA and its mission among the fellow FICCI members and requested for their support in promotion of trade and commerce between India and Balkan region. He also solicited FICCI’s cooperation for organising and arranging meetings between Indian and Balkan industries.

MR Manish Singal, FICCI
It was stated from his side that BIBA should identify the sectors Balkan industry wants to invest/interested in India. Accordingly FICCI will then identify the leading companies working in the proposed sectors and meeting thereof shall be organised between the stakeholders. FICCI with the membership of more than 4500 companies have the capacity to coordinate with Balkan industry in the any sector they propose to work in.
MR  Saini
He requested MR Singal to arrange to send a delegation to Bulgaria for kick-starting industry’s interaction between both countries at the beginning and assured that BIBA will welcome the delegation and also provide all the logistic support to the visiting delegation.

BIBA Members meeting at Indian Habitant Centre.

MR Neeraj
 After discussion with MR Chairman BIBA, he introduced the organisational and financial structure of BIBA. It was propounded that 40% of the earning to use for salaries/ allowances among its employees and remaining 60% secured for developmental work. It was also mentioned that Appointment letter for Indian chapter, Executive Director, following legalisation by Indian Embassy be sent at the earliest.
MR Saini
He discussed to examine the anomalies in the Bulgarian Visa regime and requested MR Chairman to take up the issue with the government authorities in Bulgaria as present visa policy have been thwarting the whole exercise and dissuades the BIBA’s stupendous initiative of promotion  of trade and industry between two extraordinary  regions. It was also felt that beside BIBA”s earnest initiative and efforts in India, Bulgarian Government’s unequivocal support is indispensible to the grand cause of establishing strategic partnership between Indo-Balkan regions.  Therefore, Bulgarian Embassy be requested to work in tandem with BIBA Indian Chapter.  It was further requested that visa in terms of  tourism or business, should be rooted with the sole  recommendation of BIBA, which should have some commercial value to generate the funds of BIBA India Chapter, leading to institutional credibility.  Mr saini desired  that BIBA should launch the official Website of the organisation-which is understood to be under construction,  will be instrumental in information and resource mobilisation. It was also hoped that website should also be mobile friendly explicitly exhibiting Indian content.
MR Nitin Pangotra
He suggested that BIBA must organise an international conference on Indo-Balkan relations at Bulgaria to perpetuate the profound idea of imminent Indian-Balkan relations, need for economic convergence and its relevance in contemporary times.  Such conferences will provide an intellectual and factual support to the great idea and cause of BIBA and give fillip to membership drive. It will also serve a great platform for all stakeholders from industry, government and civil society to interact and provide for future roadmap and a new narrative for indo-Balkan partnership.


Mr Chairman appreciated the monumental efforts of the Vice Chairman and Executive Director, Indian Chapter, BIBA, towards the continued pursuance of the greater cause of establishing deep economic relations between India and Balkan region. He also requested MR Nitin Pangotra to prepare and present the theme paper on Indo-Balkan relations so that International Conference on that lines be organised with immediate effect. It was also felt that official documents of the appointment for India Chapter are paramount to the future course of action of BIBA in India and therefore shall be issued at the earliest.

Jag Saini
Executive Director


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